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What is a Headshot?

What is a headshot? What is it really?

If you look up ‘headshot’ or ‘head shot’ online, most websites will tell you pretty much the same kind of things.

A headshot is a professional photo that is cropped to focus on a subject’s face. Sometimes from the waist up or the shoulders up, with the person looking directly into the camera.

That’s a very surface-level way of looking at it.

A headshot can tell more about the person in front of the lens than you might think.

If done right it can portray a person’s personality, or their professionalism.

It can delve into an emotion or a way of thinking.

It can do two very different things. For actors, models, and performers it can highlight their style and creativity. For business and corporate professionals, it can be telling of their manor, and therefore, how they might be to work with.


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