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Do You Know How a Photo-Shoot Works?

For all of my non-model and non-photographer readers; do you know how a photo-shoot works? In a conversation with a friend once, he told me he thought the models would hold a position for the photographer, then switch to a different position before the photographer would take more photos. Some shoots might go that way, but my shoots have always worked in a different way.

I showed my friend some photos from a recent shoot. Not just the good ones I picked out, but also the ones in between. The ones where part of the model’s body is blurry because they moved it as I took the photo.

In my shoots, the model will continuously switch positions whilst I continuously take photos. I’m not just repeatedly clicking the button, hoping I’ll capture something good. I am using timing to get the best shots I can. But the whole session is a constant flow, with a few breaks. The model will pause in each position for 2 or 3 seconds, then move to a new position. This can be as simple as moving a hand or a head tilt, or it can be switching to a completely different stance or position.

I continue to give suggestions and guidance, especially with less experienced models, but for the most part I give the model the freedom to express themselves and how they feel works for whatever they are modelling.


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