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About the Film

(TGEIS)is based on a one-act play Josie wrote many years ago, seeing it play out on stage demonstrated that it was also very suited to the world of film. TGEIS is semi-autobiographical, and based on a real car trip experienced with her son as a teen and his Nonni (Italian grandparents). A typical ten minute car ride with Italian grandparents can turn into a slow poke drive with multiple stops stretching out for hours.

This film represents (in a comical style) many experiences that most Italo-Australians can identify with. The characters are foundations of a traditional Italian ‘casa’ ie: A nonno and nonna who because of their long-term struggles of settling in an unknown country have held onto their culture and traditions for dear life and live in their Little Italy bubble. Then we have the adult child, generally first generation Australian, who sits between their parents & their own children, the sandwich generation – embarassed by their culture growing up, yet fiercely defensive of it at the same time. Finally the grandchild – with already a generation gap and communication challenges between them, they see their nonni as harmless aliens who aren’t to be taken seriously. Their nonni see their grandchildren as the futures they never had, the fruits of their migration sacrifices – and therefore feel they have the right to smother them.

A Comedy of Errors is a perfect way to describe this short-film. The phrase is generally used to describe a situation so full of mistakes and problems that it actually becomes comical.

Italians are a joyous, festive yet hard working and passionate people – and I hope we have been able to respectfully deliver a hilarious dramedy whilst also peeling back some layers that expose the struggles of all three generations.

As a small team of independent film-makers, our production team is seeking donations to help us reach our funding goals in order to bring this amazing and hilarious story to life.

Script Testimonial :- “Very visual, hilarious and energetic. The script is great and with great acting, from the over the top to the deadpan, it will work.” by Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarollii,

Senior Lecturer in Social Diversity in Health & Education, Deakin University


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