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Imagination Born From the Heart of Australia

For Creative Business &

the Business of Creatives

Mulgara Creations™ was founded with a simple, but ambitious goal; to bring creativity to every aspect of life.

Founder Arryn Leigh Cox has set out to achieve this goal in two ways;

by bringing creativity to the masses through art and entertainment;

and by bringing creativity to the world of business through providing creative insights to the realm of digital marketing


and by helping other artists and creatives to understand business in the creative industries; turning their passions into careers.


For the past 3+ years, Mulgara Creations has worked in the Brisbane film industry...


Plans have been in motion behind the scenes of Mulgara Creations for the past 3+ years to move into the music industry. Enter 2020, those plans are now in motion...


Arryn Leigh Cox is a digital marketer and consultant, certified by the Open University and the IAB...


For the past 3+ years, Mulgara Creations has worked as a portrait, performer /corporate headshots, and fashion photographer...


The Mulgara Creations store offers a range of products, from canvases to mugs, printed with the photos from Mulgara Creations Photography...

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