From drama to comedy, romance to thriller,

movies to TV, documentaries and

online videos;

Mulgara Creations™ Screen does it all, but we are far from "Jack-of-all-Trades"

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Mulgara Creations™ and its founder, Arryn Leigh Cox, have produced and directed several stage and theatre productions over the past 5+ years...


Plans have been in motion behind the scenes of Mulgara Creations™ for the past 5+ years to move into the music industry. Enter 2022, those plans are now coming to fruition...


We are surrounded by a beautiful, yet sometimes tragic world, and we humans mimic this world.

The purpose of a photographer is to capture these moments of life, whether good or bad; although I much prefer the good.

For the past 5+ years, Mulgara Creations™ Photography has captured the world and people around us; from nature and portraits, to special events and the beautiful fashion we wear...

Business, Marketing, Advertising

Currently, all business, marketing, and advertising products and services are managed through Arryn Leigh Cox's website:



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