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About the Film

'Allan James: the First and Last Hour' was written, directed, produced, and edited by Arryn Leigh Cox for his final assessment studying film at college in late 2017. The editing process was completed in early 2018 and completed a round in the international short film festival circuit, reaching festivals from Australia to India to Russia. In 2020, Arryn conducted a remaster/re-edit of the film before its release online.


Allan James (Jacob Turner) is the newest detective on the force. After years in uniform, he is assigned to lead his first case, the investigation of the murder of a local reporter, Valerie Ivan (Natasha Nettle).

As Allan begins the investigation, he is reunited with his former partner, Betty Howard (Chloe Love). Together they begin the case; considering Valerie’s past. As dead ends cause Allan’s faith in his ability as a detective to wane, the case is threatened further by a growing rift in his partnership with Betty; in the aftermath of Allan’s promotion.

While the pair push on in the investigation, it becomes quite clear there is more to this murder than meets the eye. A further look into Valerie’s work hints at betrayal and a criminal conspiracy. Though through it all one thing is certain; this case will either make Allan’s career, or break it.

Allan James 2020 Remaster.png

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