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Actor Headshots

Before a casting director has seen your showreel, or you’ve even stepped foot in an audition room, your first impression is your Headshot.

As a director and producer myself I can tell you, we see hundreds of actors’ profiles come across our tables every casting. And how do we narrow that down to the couple dozen we actually audition?

That’s right, Headshots.

Like I said, as a director and producer I know what we look for in a good headshot.

And in our session I’m not just taking pictures. I’ll be talking you through every pose, every angle, every shot.

Model Headshots

That photo your friend took on their phone might be nice, but let's be real;

It doesn't matter whether you're approaching an agent or going for your first few paid gigs with some local brands, if you want to get the gig you have to standout from the crowed.

If you want to look like a professional model, then you need a professional portfolio. Professional Headshots are the place to start.

Getting professional headshots will help prove to agents and potential clients that you are committed to your craft and career as a model.

Corporate Headshots

Let me paint a couple of pictures for you;

You get a message on LinkedIn. A business person offering a service you could really use, or a potential partner for a new business opportunity. But when you look at there profile, the first thing you see is their profile picture. A photo of them on there last vacation. Shirtless, beer in hand. It doesn't exactly scream "Business Professional", does it?

Here's another one;

You're driving down the highway when you spot a billboard. A big, flashy sign. Great business branding, an irresistible offer, and...

...a picture of the business owner in their singlet and thongs at the pub.

That's great if they're sell singlet and thongs, or own a pub.

But for anything else, be honest, how likely are you to call the number on that sign?

So if those wouldn't be good first impressions for you, then why would you give those first impressions to others?

There's an easy way to give a great, professional first impression...

...a Professional Headshot.

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